does anyone think i need a new amp? i play heavy metal stuff and use a laney hardcore max 30R, some p[eople have told me i should get a new one because it will improve my sound! anybody agree? and if so what would you suggest budget of £500 ish
I don't know a whole lot about Laney, but there's tons of people that dig them, so if it's a tube amp, and you like its sound, I wouldn't listen to what anyone says. If you really want to get an upgrade though, maybe get a cab for it.
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its not tube, im not sure if i want an upgrade though, is there any good amps people can suggest for this genre?
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How heavy is your metal? Where do you currently set the gain at on your amp? Unless your amp is a tiny practise amp I would say improving your playing will improve your sound more really.

This probably isn't you, but if you play with the gain on full then you become a very lazy player and don't fret things properely, so your playing tends to be a mess. by backing off the gain, or even playing unplugged you improve your technique dramatically and this gives you a lot better tone.

But yes, valves will make you sound nice, and for £500 there are quite a few amps you can get. Which bands/artists do you want to emulate?
i play lamb of god, chimaira, pantera, metallica sorta stuff, my playings not bad people just have said it would sound better with a marshall or mesa or something
I didn't mean to imply your playing was bad - sorry.
For £500 you can get an ENGL Thunder combo, that would probably work. Mesa boogie is a tad too expensive, but you could get a marshall like a dsl or tsl combo, although they probably won't suit your style exactly (more of a rock amp than a metal amp, they will have enough gain for metal though). Randall probably have an all-valve high gain at that price level too.