do yall try to use all of your fingers? i think its easier to use mostly my thumb, haha. i feel retarded trying to use all 5 for picking, gotta keep practicing it i guess.
I... only use my fingers when it's a song that I can't move my pick around fast enough for, and is simple enough otherwise that my fingers can work it. Like Scar Tissue.
i mainly use 3 for finger picking songs. depending on the song, maybe 4.
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u dont really use the little finger for picking (use it sometimes for flamenco style strums) try and use index and middle alot, and third finger 2, try using thumb more for bass notes in general
4 fingers works best I find, thumb, index, middle and ring finger.

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i mainly use 3 with a 4th every little while. i have to work on using my 4th more. my pinkys just retarded when i try, messes me up
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Classically, you're supposed to use thumb, index, middle, and ring.
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I use 4 fingers. I usually fingerpick all jazz stuff, so that means that i have to use the 5th sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

But ya, if you are fingerpicking with only your thumb, you might as well use a pick.
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I use 3 usually, as I can get by with three fine, but I use 4 a lot too.
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I seldom use my little finger, but the rest of my hand gets used.
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Mostly three, I use my fourth when I need to do multiple strings, mostly.
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