recently, iv bin finding myself wanting to record my playing (and maybe my singing), but i realised that i dont have a clue what euipment to buy, and where to begin! if anyone could suggest the basic components and programmes that id need to get started, i would be incredibly grateful! im using a roland cube 60 if tht helps!

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line 6 toneport. it comes with gearbox, which is the software that samples all the amps and effects, and ableton live recording.

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you will probably need a new soundcard and an outbox with multiple inputs for it. so i suggest to buy the m-audio delta 66 package that comes with a souncard. it has inputs for both types of cords, so you can plug in your geetar or a compression mic. and then of course you will need some recording software, but i am guessing that you understand that much
Microphone - $5
Audacity - Free