Sorry a thread on this subject disappeared mircaculously....

So, again...

Does anyone know

1) When is the next one and is it in my lifetime?

2) Do any of you know anyone who didnt know about the solar eclipse and shat themselves when the sun disappeared? (Because thatd just kick arse!)

3) Who else looked directly at it, like me?
1) probably not, last 1 was on my 8th birthday


3)i didnt look at it
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Girl (Ned/chav) annoying me on the bus.

Me "Have you ever bled out your arse-hole?"

Her: Facial expression was priceless - "What??! Noo!"

Me: "Well if you want to keep it that way, **** off."

She then turned away and whimpered.
i got soooo soooo confused when the moon wen red, cos i was at a drunken party, smashed, and panicking! luckily sum1 explained to me...then i missed the end of it

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Shut up. Actually, higher mods...can we ban him for being a cunt?