Recorded these Covers with my newish Band. Tell us what you think.

I play the rhythm tracks on both and the 1st solo on both.

Thanks in advance for the crit.
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It was pretty good if you ask me. Too much singing on Little Wing though. But overall it was good i liked it .
excellent fellas, perfect by my standards (show worthy) to say the least, must be cause ur from Liverpool, i did notice the singer fell out of key in White Room and the bass came off time but the guitar is excellent, keep it up
Little wing sounds good, nice solo, but should be louder and more agressive in the mix. Also tell you singer off for singing during your solo. His singing is good but I don't like his style. The second solo on little wing think is better (sorry!) as it's a little more emotive and agressive. The harmony is a good touch too.

White Room - the intro doesn't sound quite right and you could do with the "ooo-ing" in it as well. Your singers voice suits this song more. Again it sounds professionally done, but I would on both your songs you sound almost too polished, they are quite raw songs originally. This solo could do with a little louder, and perhaps more fuzzy to make it stand out. Good solo as well. Your rhythm playing is nice throughout both songs well done. I think that 2nd solo i again better (sorry again!) for the same reasons.

But overall, good/10.

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Wow, you guys are really good, I've only listened to Little Wing so far, but I know White Room will be just as great.

The only thing I really have to say is that your drummer needs to tone it down a bit, at least, in those mini-drum solos between verses. He doesn't leave any space between his notes and fills the whole measure.

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the drums in white room intro thing was wierd...
like its not bad... but it bugged me.
the singing is good. well... for me, its hella good.
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