the main riff through the song, at the begining i play it on clean, but then at :25 seconds into the song it switches into that raw heavy sound. Im trying to dial in on that sound, Im guessing i need drive all the way up, but what about everything else? like bass, treble, mid,etc.

thanks dudes
^ He is using the Spider III which is much better then the Spider II.
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Clean channel, lots of bass.

Treble - 9
Mids - 3
Bass - 8
Reverb - 4

Throw some delay, and chorus flange in there, and it should get you pretty close. Use the neck pick-up on your guitar also. Use the clean channel.

Use those same settings for the distorted heavy riffs too.
He can't have reverb and delay at the same time on a Line 6 Spider III.