Hey, i'm looking for some decent folk, country and jazz songs to learn, mainly stuff by B.B. King, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan etc. I don't really know many of their songs or artists but the stuff i've heard sounds great and i want to learn some of their best songs so any reccomendations would be appreciated.

Hey, if you like Springsteen, look into some Dire Straits (ie Walk of Life, Sultans of Swing). For his more traditional stuff, check out Woody Guthrie (Pastures of Plenty, This Land is Your Land) and Pete Seeger (John Henry, If I Had a hammer). For Dylan, try "It's all over now, Baby blue", "Girl From the North Country", "Desolation Row", and "Mr. Tambourine Man".
haha, well u got some gd taste man well, bb's most well known and played track is the thrill is gone, but any sort of twelve bar played in a swing kind of way and his style of solo-ing over wud suffice.
i particularly rate springsteen's accoustic stuff and anything from his 2005 Devils and Dust album would go down well, but his classic stuff from the 70's like the Born to Run album and Born in the USA are great and well worth a listen and a play.
Bobby D's got a few earas to sift through, the early accoustic stuff such as Blowing in the wind and Mr tamborine man most people learn. then u got late 60's stuff of kind of phyced up folk rock blues with albums like highway 61 revisited which kinda need a full band to play. but also uve got later songs which have become standards such as Knocking on Heavens door and All Along the watchtower, which most people know.
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haha, well u got some gd taste man

ha ha yeah, its mainly my dad, he has like every single album by bruce, bob dylan and all that lot and having listened to it so much in the car makes me like it

thanks for the songs by the way
these are personal favorites of mine...

Blue Bossa
anything by Django Rheinhardt
anything by Joe Pass
anything by Wes Montgomery
Take the A-Train
Jimmy Chamberlain - Life Begins Again (jazz/fusion)

Vashti Bunyan
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice (very advanced fingerpicking)
The Beatles - blackbird, dear prudence, mother nature's son
Tom Waits - Tango Till They're Sore
John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillun (blues/folk)
Girl from Ipanema (folk/jazz)
Led Zeppelin - Bron-yr-aur or bron-y-aur stomp
Anything by Terry S. Taylor... try out some of his songs from teh game the neverhood

Anything by the Grateful Dead, check out the albums American Beauty and Workingman's dead, check out the songs sugar magnolia, dire wolf, box of rain, friend of the devil, new speedway boogie, weather report suite, row jimmy, ramble on rose... the list goes on and on.
Johnny Cash - anything off of the san quentin or folsom prison albums.
Supersuckers - check out their album "must've been high"

I could name dozens of more bands if you want
One of my favorite country songs of all time, and a great guitar tune too.

Fighting For You by Pirates of the Mississippi.