Well basically I've just bought the line6 Uber Metal, but the battery life is so piss poor on it, I have a powersupply which I can set to the right settings, but it says 300mA as its output, but the pedal wants 60mA, max of 100 ...
Any problems to use this power supply ?
the 300mA rating is the max current that the power supply can supply before things like overheating, melting down, blowing up, causing a black hole, etc.

If your pedal only wants 60-100mA, you'll be fine, in fact, you could still daisy chain a few more pedals as long as the total consumption isn't more than 300mA.

Mainly, you want the voltages to match up.
Ah ok ta, and daisy chains ?
Also, two of the heads fit the pedal, grr how to tell which one ?
the one that works^


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