Hello mates.
I just started getting into sweeping/sweep-picking. I use alternate-picking when I exercise sweeping, is this the right method or is it wrong? In some videos I've seen the dude that's sweeping tells you to do a motion like when you're strumming a chord It doesn't sound right when I do it.

I just started, so I'm not very fast, lol. Any shreddies wanna enlighten me?
Er... if you're alternate picking, then you're not sweep picking. So, yeah, that's wrong. The idea behind sweep picking is to run through a series of notes (one per string) in the most efficient way possible, which would be kind of like strumming.
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yeah thats half of it tho. not only do you have to rake the pick across the strings in a 'sweeping' fashion, but you have to make sure only one note is sounded/fretted at a time. thats the hard part. make sure you start off really slow so you get the shapes down while making sure you sound the right notes/mute all other strings with your other fingers/palm. but it sounds like maybe its too soon for you to start sweeping...
www.insaneguitar.com find the sweep picking masterclass, it'll be all you need to know about sweeping.
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Alright, felt like I was doing it wrong But...

How is it possible to rake if there's 2 notes on a string etc? Should I hammer on to the second note on that string or what? /confused

thanks for the replies

edit: hey thanks 20sacksam, looks like a good site
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