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I'm looking to replace my HORRIBLE marshall MG15 with a fender hot rod deluxe. I have an epi les paul and play a variety of rock, from classical to metal. I know the fender has an amazing clean channel, im a sucker for that. People have also said the amp alone won't handle some of the harder stuff I play. Would my Marshall guv'nor 2 and Boss DS-1 take care of this? Is there anywhere to find used ones cheaper than on ebay? Can anyone tell me of their overall experience with this amp? Is it a good investment or should I be looking into something else? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
You won't get the drive you want straight out of that amp.
Unless you just want cleans and muddy low gain, get a different amp.
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Fender Hot rod is a nice amp, but if you generally play heavier stuff maybe you should look elsewhere.
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But if you play alot of different things just pick up a tubescreamer or an OD and add it on to the amps current OD.
i would suggest not buying a used one... with amps & effects there's a variety of things that can go wrong if its old/used. Unless you see it on ebay and its "fairly" new.
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I've pretty much made up my mind that im getting one. I am probably gonna have to get one used though, due to price. Do you think local pawn shops, or musical outlets that carry all used gear might have one? At least then I could look to see if its in good condition, unlike ebay. Also, would my pedals I have now compliment it fine, or should I look into something like a tube screamer. Thanks.
try out a peavey XXX or better yet find a Peavey Triumph PAG60 and re tube it all the XXX distortion for way cheap. I paid $600 for mine new in 1993
i have one and i love it. it gets pretty heavy. but when i used my friend ds-1 it gets super heavy, so with your guv'nor it shold be heavy enough. it also reponds to effects well.