So it's like this

I've just gotten heard a track from Anthrax and now I want to hear some other bands like it. I really like that fast (old skool) trash metal?

So pleas, some bands like that?

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Rec Thread.

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I think theres a recommendation thread but oh well...

Old Metallica = amazing
Old megadeth = amazzing
Old Slayer = super cool
Testament = among the best American thrash
Old Anthrax = their best, but all anthrax is good
Death Angel = hard to come by, but great stuff

Now...the real thrash lords:

Sodom = great punkish thrash from Germany, Agent Orange is their best, but its all great
Destruction = possibly the most consistently good thrash band ever, nothing mind blowing, just great thrash, again from Germany
Well, the big four thrash bands that got the most recognition during the 80's were Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, so you can't go wrong with anything by them before the 90's.
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