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big sausage
6 55%
card w/ no money in it
0 0%
0 0%
beef jerky
2 18%
fresh cantalope
1 9%
0 0%
deck of cards (pre used)
0 0%
Fr33 s3x0rz! lololzozlozl
2 18%
bottle of soda
0 0%
i couldnt think of a last one
0 0%
Voters: 11.
So its my friends birthday today and i forgot to get him a present (as usual). what is
a quick present i can get him for about 10 bucks? (i know im cheap). i was thinking about getting him a big sausage or maybe some beef jerky or something.
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if you get him a kielbasa you should play the kielbasa song by tenacious D.
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What the hell? Sorry, my opinion wouldn't be too valid since I'm a vegetarian, but a big hunk of meat isn't necessarily what I think someone would want for their birthday unless it's a sausage and it's still attached to you. Birthday BJ ftw.
dude if you went to my birthday party and gave me meat....i would just slap you and tell you to buy me a bottle of jack daniels
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What a talented person.
is that it?????/ IS THAT ALL THE PIT HAS TO OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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just tell him to close his eyes, and drop trou then his birthday present will be revealed...

a mouse trap to the wang