I've bought Boomers for strings, and they always break, so I need some suggestions on good strings that would help in anyway for an AC DC sound. Also, what are some good durable picks, because I have some Ernie Balls, and they always chip exsesively. Help me out a little bit.
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i personally like the boomers
what gauge are you using?
you might think of using a heavier gauge

and for picks i can only recommend the dunlop tortex picks (i use the yellow ones)


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i have the same problem with my picks, after about a day they make that horrible scratching sound and i can't use them. but i use boomers, and they never seem to break on me, at least for about a month, but i usually replace before that
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Best strings to use are Enie ball strings (especially the power slinkey) these stings are used by most professional musicians including ACDC, tool, System of a Down, Metallica (guitarists), slayer, Judas preist, U2,... and 100s more. they also have a wide range gauge from (i think ) 60 to 13 (something like that to skinny (around 20 something to 9)

i use them all the time
Personally, I used Boomers (10's) for a long time and I liked them but I recently switched over to DR's and I REALLY like these! I also use Dunlop Tortex Jazz picks in the .50mm size.
Strings are pretty much preference. If your strings keep breaking more likely it's a problem with your saddles or something than the strings themselves.

As far as picks go, thicker ones are more durable and better for playing fast, but worse for strumming. I use 1.9mm Clayton Black Jazz and 3.0mm Big Stubbies. You can shred with anything above 1mm though. After that it's also all preference.
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It doesn't matter what strings you use, they aren't going to make any difference to your tone save for the extra brightness you get from having a new set. Just get some nice 10's, Ernie Balls or D'addarios. I wouldn't bother with Elixir's, they're protected from corrosion slightly but not from heavy-handedness. There's no point spending extra money when chances are it's your technique that's breaking them - either that or a rough spot on a saddle. For picks, Jim Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm are pretty much indestructable.
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