I was just wondering about how the neck of a Fender standard strat is, some say it's decent others say that it's very smooth and some even say lightning fast! So which is it?
it's like satin. not sticky (like with a finish on the back) and not splinters by playing

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I have a fender strat and in my opinion, it's extremely smooth and comfortable to my left hand, I can slide up and down the fretboard quite easily and fast.
when i was picking out a guitar, i didnt find it sticky.. but it didnt seam really fast.
les paul seams faster.. for me at least.
Just go to your nearest guitar shop and try one out
compared to others i've tried, the necks really are like satin. closest i've tried has been an ibanez S, tho that wasnt really as fast.
Just play one. The chances are every music shop will have a fender strats. i've only come across one that doesn't stock them, and well, that was a live gear hire place more than anything.
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