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I need your input on these maple necks.

Canadian Maple is really nice, but for $80??? There has to be something wrong with them. I also saw they only sell to manufacturers. Could I order a few parts through a local guitar shop, or even GC?

Your Thoughts?

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They've got 'gonorrhea' written all over them. Don't tap that.

They look like those peddling things to me... only crappier.
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peddling? wtf?

You know ... Those things you use when you are like in a little boat.
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You know ... Those things you use when you are like in a little boat.

An oar? Yes, they do. Warmoth necks ftw.
I don't know if I can spend $200+ on a warmoth neck. I would like to, but I really don't have that big of a budget here.

oh well, so those necks = crap?
That price does look too good to be true, but then again most of those necks are unfinished and have a paddle headstock. But for only $80, you should be a little suspicious. You could get a $300 warmoth neck, or keep looking around for other brands. See if you can find any online stores that sell Mighty Mite necks. I just got a Mighty Mite neck for $130 last week. 22 fret maple/maple neck, compound radius (9' at the nut, 12.5" near the bridge), cut for a locking nut, fully finished (thin finish, but I like it that way), and no sharp fret edges like many people claim.
If I can find the site where I bought that neck, I'll give you the link.
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^ $130?! Wow. I've seen the Mightymite necks on Ebay, but not that low. I'll check it out if you don't find it.