Whats up everyone. I have an ernie ball john petrucci 6 string for sale. Its sapphire black, fully loaded (piezo bridge, JP inlay, and matching headstock), and has the new d-sonic dimarzio in the bridge. Its only been played a few hours and there isn't a single scratch on it. It of course comes with the hard shell case and the polish cloth, extra springs and a few Dunlop Jazz III picks with it. If anyone is interested I'm wanting about $1650 plus shipping on it. Here is the link to the pics of it.


Thanks for checking it out.
It's just not for me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar. Its only been played a few hours at most then put back in the case. It plays fantastic but I ordered it a few months after I tried one and once I got it and played it a little while, I just decided that it wasn't the style I wanted anymore. Ive never shipped to the UK before but pending shipping costs i'd be up for it. Im just a little unsure about the currency exchange.
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