Hey guys, I got a Peavey Classic 30, all tube amp, and i was wondering why I get a better sound when the low, mid and high are full, than when they are all flat?

If I am evenly turning up all three knobs shouldnt it have the same effect as raising the voume?

Either way I love the overdrive with bass mid and treb cranked
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Well if you love the sound of the bass, mids, and treble cranked, you're bound to think that the bass treble and mids rolled off is going to sound bad. It's all a matter of preference, really.

I like it

Bass: 3 o'clock
Mid: 12 o'clock
treble: 1 o'clock

If it was

Bass: 9 o'clock
Mid: 6 o'clock (Off or full..)
Treble: 7 o'clock

Then I wouldn't think it sounded very good at all either.
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it's because it's like the tone on your guitar- it rolls all three off. sounds odd, but it's true.
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