Listenin to "4F Song 1 Untitled" right now. Nice song, decent guitars, nice heavy stuff. Decent drums too. It sounds to me though that you go out of time a bit... I'm probably wrong though. Get this recorded nicely, and EQ it a bit better perhaps, and it'll be mint. I'm liking the solo (it's just kicked in now). Very nice.
Edit: I like that little clean bit nearer the end too, I think that's a great technique to use, and it sounds great.

Get the song a bit tighter though, it just sounds a bit loose right now.

I'll edit again once I've listened to the second song.

Edit2: Listenin to the second song now. Nice riffs, but the drum fills seem to be slightly out of time (I'm guilty of that too... ) This one definatly needs vocals once you find a singer. Haha, the clean bit just kicked in. I don't think it quite fits this song as well as it did the last, maybe skip that first part of clean powerchords, and go straight to the clean solo?

I'm really liking this music though. Get it tighter, you might be able to go somewhere. I'm really liking the solo in the second song, it's the tightest part, and sounds excellent to me.

Edit3: D'ya have a bassist? Ah, you do. I'm watching your first video, and there doesn't seem to be one. The solo sounds great in that first video.

Get the songs tightened up, and come touring to the UK!
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great input. yeah i am the bassist i didnt make it to that practice. boss wouldnt give me the night off. but yeah see i thought some of the fills were off too. and ill talk to the guys about chaning the clean part for the 2nd song. well thanks for the input man! if we ever make it ill be sure to make the band stop in the UK area.
more solo speed.
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