Hi everybody, i've been looking at Gibson Explorers, and i think i've pretty much fallen in love with them, just one question, are they worth the extra money over say an ESP LTD EX400, or a Dean of some kind?

The cheapest i've seen the gibby is £850, and the LTDs are about £500. I haven't tried the Gibson yet, just wondering if they are actually worth the extra £350?

I quite like heavy guitars with thick necks, just for the record.

Thanks in advance.

the explorer is a remarkable guitar. i havent played the ESP or Dean ones, but i can tell you the gibson is amazing. the neck is super smooth, and im not 100% sure on this one but to me it seemed like the frets were smaller (i got a 12 to 21 reach) so u can whail all up and and down the thing
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The ESP neck is rather (very, IMO) thin. And of course, the ESP has EMG actives, whereas the Explorer has passive ceramics. Both good, it just comes down to personal preference. You've got a tube amp, so the EMGs would sound wicked on your Engl, but so would the Explorer. Again - preference.
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I have one, and I'm selling it, I don't like them to be honest.

I've got a Hamer, and soon an FX-400 LTD, and I like those a lot better. They feel awesome, and are a lot cheaper.
I had an ESP EX Standard a while ago and it's a great guitar. The neck is nice and thin, great for fast stuff and shredding. The body is light and gives you a great upper fret reach. But the sustain is not too good. The Gibson explorer has a better sustain and more beef IMO. But both great guitars.

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I have one, and I'm selling it, I don't like them to be honest.

I've got a Hamer, and soon an FX-400 LTD, and I like those a lot better. They feel awesome, and are a lot cheaper.

i played a hamer standard a while back and i didnt like it much tbh...looking forward to playing the FX though.
The Explorer has alittle bit of a thicker neck.

If you want it to be like the ESP, you can change the ceramics for EMG's.

That's what I did, and I love my Explorer, it's all I play for everything pretty much.
i really like the sound of the Gibson Explorer, but the ones I played (2 black ones and a white one) were all not build very well, had some bad spots in the finish and the frets had some sharp edges...
i was actually kinda disappointed so before you buy it, play the model you buy, and make sure that everything's fine!
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i havent gotten a chance to play one, but the Dean black gold Z is explorer like and is the most gorgeous one i have ever seen

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yeah the QC is the only thing im really worried about tbh...well, i suppose i need to go to try one out...i just hopw my local shop has one....

just one more thing: what are Korina's tonal charectaristics? i like the look of the Natural finish one, but would the Korina wood be ideal for metal, and possibly fitting EMGs or bareknuckle warpigs?

thanks again.
Wait, Korina? Are you talking about the Epiphone Explorer? Because that changes things.

First, there's no way an Epiphone should be £850. It's about $500 US, so that should run about maybe 350, 400 quid.

Second, the Korina should be fine for metal. According to Warmoth, "The tone is very similar to Mahogany with added mids." So, throw in some EMGs and you should be fine. Scoop the mids, if you don't like them.

And finally, if you're actually talking about the Epiphone, you'll definitely want to actually play THE guitar you're going to buy. Many people seem to agree that the Korina Explorer is the best Epiphone you can get (aside from the Elitist models), but the models I've played have had some iffy electronics (tone knobs affecting volume, etc...) Of course, if you decide to go this way, you could simply have the electronics replaced with higher end ones for a (relatively) small sum and have yourself a sexy guitar. Keep in mind that you're going to have to make a battery compartment to install active EMGs.

Of course, if you're not talking about the Epiphone at all, then you should be fine. The Gibson has a nice mahogany body, so that'd fit your style.
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