Hi there, I just ventured into my local music shop today. I've been looking at getting a Les Paul guitar. I was mainly looking at the Epiphones until I sa some Stagg Les Pauls. They were about $270 CDN. They looked decent, and the only differnce I noticed from the real Les Pauls is that the single cut thingy..or horn next to the neck is at a different angle. But I don't mind. They are a bit more than half of the price of the Epi's. Just wondering, are they any good? I was thinking of putting some EMG's in it, or something like that. Tell me what you think is better for me, the Epi LP Standard Plain Top, or the Stagg. Thanks.
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meh...depending on which epis your talking about, im gonna say go with them...my experience of stagg hasnt been great.

EDIT: just read the rest of your post...oops...definetly the epi.

Do yourself a favour pleaseee.
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And you know that putting an EMG on your guitar isn't as simple as a passive pickup, right?...
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Do yourself a favour pleaseee.

Ok, Ok. Everyone is telling me Epiphone, but why? You guys haven't said what exactly is wrong with Stagg. Like, don't get me wrong, I saw them in the shop. For a brand new instrument, they did look pretty beat up. But is it the sound of them?
Staggs are like those noname companies that make dozens of copies but sound like crap and probably are made by chimps on some cave in Iraq. I've played a Stagg pack of a Strat copy and it was utter crap. Specially the amp...

If you want Epi copies, try Tokai or Agile. Stagg and Behringer are usually two brands to stay away from.
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I've played some Staggs, they really do not play very nicely, putting in EMGs won't really make a lot of difference either. You'd definitely be best to go with an Epi in my opinion, it will last you a lot longer.
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you are looking for answers and ill try explain what people are getting across

staggs are generally cheaply made with cheap hardware pickups, lower quality wood and necks compared to epi's

epiphone is part of gibson so there LP's are at a higher standard and are very similar to gibsons but obviously lower quality.

epiphones use better wood better hardware etc and with a pickup change (epi pickups tend to **** up after 18month-2 years) you have a nice guitar. apart from the pickups and pots, which will need changing over time, there isnt much wrong with them. i love my 2 epi's and cant wait to get a gibson.

go with the epiphone for a better quality instrument and one that will last along longer than the stagg

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