well i want to make my metal/shred sound a lot more pro... it sound very poor at the moment... i am using a yamaha pacifica with a roland cube 15 amp... no effects just the built in distortion which is surprisingly pretty good.

The guitar has a humbucker at the back which sounds pretty shit if you ask me i want a more metal sound... i was wondering if it is possible to fit a better humbucker in there something like an emg 80, and would it improve my sound greatly?

No it won't. The only thing that'll improve your sound significantly is a new amp, it's not a bad little practice amp but it's never going to sound particularly earth-shattering.
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ok but i can't really have my amp too loud i'm afraid i have lots of neighbours and a little sister and parents who despise of metal but would a tube amp still be a lot better even on low volumes?