my band needs a singer. we live in the dallas fort worth area and already have 2 guitarist a drummer and a bassist, so u dont need to play guitar.
our main influences are
alice in chains
pearl jam
and pretty much every other grunge/90s band.
GOD DAMNIT !!!!!!!!!! all the band adds are always so damn far away!!!!!!!!!!!!
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so no one else? u dont have to have the greatest voice in the world. is so hard 2 find a singer we've been looking for months
i would becuase i am a huge grunge fan and im not one of those people who listen to nirvana and all the sudden say they are the biggest grunge fan i listen to alot of grunge. but yeah i live too far away
good luck guys, I respect anyone who loves "grunge", I just call it the 90's that whole time frame some of the best f**cken music man \m/
im a vocalist from toronto so WTF!!! lol (yes im a ctully good)
im a huge grunge fan but u ppl 2 far ****!!!lol
goodluck tho