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Below 5%
10 16%
9 14%
12 19%
13 20%
6 9%
7 11%
2 3%
5 8%
Voters: 64.
What's the percentage of people in your society are considered good-looking?
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Is the theme for the pit "beauty" tonight? It doesn't matter dude...

I live in sweden, so 110%
"Beauty" is an opinion, and if we've learned anything...

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thiers tons of hot cihcks in my area but all of them are way outta my league =(
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we're all beautiful in different ways.

well, most of us anyway.

as far as physically good looking, i say 20-30 % in Western New York.



NY isn't a very aesthetically pleasing place.
They're all good looking in their own way, but that doesn't mean I find them all attractive.
That being said less than 5% in my area.
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America is pretty well known in the fashion world due to the high percentage of hot people available even for low level catalogue work.

In the USA, easily 30-40%.

Currently, in Japan, only 10% about sadly.

All you people stateside be grateful.
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i don't think America has lots of beautiful people. Guys there are punks and girls are mostly fatasses and bitches. Europe beats America. I live in Canada, the percentage is higher due to the high Asian population. But still, mostly are ugly.
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thats exactly what i thought when i saw the thread title haha
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"Beauty" is an opinion, and if we've learned anything...


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warwick new york... where is that?

southernmost tip, about 10 miles from the Jersey border, the Appalachian Trail runs directly through it (My backyard to be exact). Warwick is particularly ugly too, all the girls here have that horrible pin-straight hair and a centimeter of foundation on.
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I agree with Europe having a lot of beautiful people, especially the Slavonic, Scandinavian, and eastern European countries. US and Canada don't have very many attractive people.
5-10 beautiful, 30 boneable.
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