my main question is how to do it? i understand how to use scales like but i dont understand how to use chords progressions and solo over them
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very similiar to using a scale for soloing only the chords change much more frequently, basicaly you use the notes of the chord to improvise, there are other notes you can use, such as notes in the key of the song, but yeah its possible to just use the notes of each chord as it goes by and play a solo, dno how much this will actually help you but to fully explain would take many lessons in music theory good luck and have fun!
If you've got a I, IV, V progression of some sort, an easy way is to play a pentatonic of the VI - figure out your key, go to the VI and use that scale.
basically start your chord progression with whatever chord you want, then find the scale that matches that cord.... I.E. start a 4 chord progression with a G and then solo whatever you want as long as you are in the G scale.... (I apologize for not knowing all the technical terminology, I am self taught and I have no music theory but I know what sounds good...) anyhoo, as long as you are soloing in the appropriate scale it will always sound good... NOTE: there are other notes outside of any given scale that you can play along with your scale but, you will have to figure those out.... its not hard I promise... hope this helped... ; )

EDIT: I forgot to mention... whatever the first chord in the progression is determines the key of the scale you should play...

G chord= G scale
E chord= E scale

only the first chord matters...
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