im an intermediate bassist looking for a good fun song that i can learn. maybe a little challenge. any suggestions?
anestesia pulling teeth great bass song if you're good enough look for some zeppelin of sabbath will work
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Barbarism Begins at Home can be learned after a few trys, such an awsome bassline! same with This Charming Man. Andy Rouke is such an amazing bass player


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^I would've said it too, as there is 2 other song suggestion threads on the front page.
TS, Look into some Rush songs or Iron Maiden
ive tried learnin some rush. ive tried yyz and i got the riffs down just not up to speed. i dont see how geddy does it. and without a pick too and a lot of iron maiden songs are just playing the guitar riff then playing notes over and over. if you have a good iron maiden song that has a good bass line then tell me cause there one of my favorite bands
do longview by green day. its simple but i think the bass sounds badass
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While I agree with the search button comment, at least in a new thread he can get songs more refined to his personal taste.

Try Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. I like the line in that.
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another thread :S
well, can you already play RHCP "soul to squeeze"?
if not, try it out!
This is properly the 23534734 thread that asks this question..
Try Run to the Hills by Maiden...
If you wanna play something by AFI, dont play miss murder, play the sacrifice theory.. Also almost anything by rancid is pretty awesome.
I've probably mentioned this in the other million threads---but to add to DinkyDaisy's Led Zeppelin theme--"the Lemon Song". I still get chills when I hear JPJs bass line in it.
Tom Saywer by Rush the intro is fun and kinda challenging and look into Guns and Roses....
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