Ok guys, let me lay it down straight. It started while doing my hair in the mirror one morning. It's long, I kinda like it but it needs a change.

My mum has cancer, but has recovered successfully, however, I do remember the difficult times in which she and I had to endure so I added two together and now I want to do something.

My mate also has long hair and we both decided to one day shave our hair for Cancer Research or similar. I really want to do this and I was wondering if there were any tips out there? How would I raise money for example? We're going into this blindly so... yeah, any help would be appreciated!

A Picture of my hair... on a mobile camera, pretty crap but, hey!

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Grow it out more and give it to Locks of Love. They make wigs for people with cancer that have gone bald from the kemo.
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your hair has to be atleast 10 in long to donate
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