i have noticed that on my guitar everytime i change to a lighter guage of strings i get more sustain and my guitar is easier to play and gives a more responsive sound. i like the heavier strings because i like to tune down and i have a floyd rose so i can adjust the tension but it still doesnt play like i want it to with lighter strings. does anybody have any suggestions? ps i hate lighter strings so if there is a way to fix it up so heavier strings can give a more responsive sound that would be great.
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The difference in sound is nothing to do with the gauge, it's just because the strings are new. Sadly there's not lot you can do about the tension though.
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Yeah, strings get old thats pretty much the only difference. Lighter strings are easier to bend but other then that there should n't be a difference.
I disagree. heavier gauge strings give more of a "thump" when playing distorted. Which is why I have .11 on my guitar even though I hardly tune down
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I personally think that heavier gauges sound better.
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yeh, heavier sounds better. I use 11s on my strat takes a toll on your finger though