I notice it seems both songs are in D/Bm. (I could be wrong)

Badfish intro plays out: A Bm G then continues using A, Bm, G, A5, D, and E(major?)

I understand the A5, but whats up with the E which they show as:

B| 9
G| 9
D| 9
A| 7

Showing it is a major. Do they intentioanly play a major E instead of Em or whats do I have wrong in my feeble little head trying to wrap it around this crazy subject.

As for Be yourself.

The Chorus is Bm, D, G, Esus2

Anyone have any explination what the Esus2 does?
e sus 2 replaces the third interval in a chord with a 2nd interval

so instead of 1-3-5 it is 1-2-5

and yeah that is e major
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^ it replaces the third as you said. E in the given key would be minor. You're silly.

A, Bm, G, A5, D, E

You could look at this many ways.
1, the whole thing is in A.
2, it modulates from D to A.
3, it modulates from G to A.

But either way, the point is, the A5 acts as a pivot chord (hence why they dont include the third the second time around - so that it can be shared between the two keys) and the E is V of A. The end.
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