Poll: Sh-8 invader or Sh-13 dimebucker
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View poll results: Sh-8 invader or Sh-13 dimebucker
Sh-8 Invader
1 4%
Sh-13 Dimebucker
6 25%
Other (Don't say EMG you bitch)
17 71%
Voters: 24.
Whats better for a really nice crunchy heavy metal sound for a bridge pickup?
Sh-8 invader or the Sh-13 Dimebucker

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Depending on the kind of sounds you want, and more importantly on your amp and guitar...

Duncan Custom or Distortion, Dimarzio D-Sonic, Breed or Super Distortion
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I'm not a fan of either pick ups. I've played with either the invader or the dimebucker...forgot, but it sounded too cluttered up, didn't like it at all. I say look for something else...budget?
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check out dimarzios. the super 2 rolls down the dimebucker, and the X2n is god-like. also the D activator is a new pickup that just came out used by Muhammed Suicmez of Necrophagist, I'm definately checking that one out.
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sh-13. the thing is so loud that clean channel sucks so its only good with overdrive or other dubded fx over clean, but hey, thats why i use it
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SH-10 Full Shred. I dunno if anything else can beat it. =D

I like Full Shreds, but they're terribly limited. Very niche pickup if you ask me.
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Duncan Customs, if you want SD.
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When it comes to Duncan if you want versatility get the Duncan Custom and '59. If your just playing metal get The Full Shred and '59. For Dimarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro
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i thought i was the only person that liked the dimebucker.
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EMG's sound like shit, so do Dimebuckers. Get a Custom or Duncan Distortion if you're going only for SD, but I would get DiMarzios...
why not EMG?

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i would say eather
EMG 81
Duncan JB
Dimarzio DSonic
Dimarzio X2N
Bill Lawrence L-500XL ( i have it in my guitar) Dimebag used it before he got the Duncan custom about 2,3 albums after pantera came out.
And Nuno Bettencourt uses it...

There good pickups for metal but not so good for a clean sound,which is why i want to change them..
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in the bridge?

The Invader is pretty chunky in the bridge of a mahogany guitar.
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