I'm searching for the "perfect" flamenco song for practising and to play in concert. A tough one with many rasguedos, alzapuas, golpes, etc....And, of course, impressive and with a entertaining rythm. Any ideas ?
well, my favorite flamenco song is Barcelona Nights by Ottmar Liebert. It's got a catchy rhythm and could work for your concert. You could also try that Gypsy Kings take on Hotel California. Hope that helped.

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Neither of those are flamenco songs. Once again, songs that lure people into thinking that they're flamenco.

Mazout, this will depend on whether you want flamenco solos or just something 'flamenco-ish' to impress people. If it's the former, than it'll have to depend on your technical level and grasp of compas. If it's the latter, then rumbas or one of those nuevo-flamenco ripoffs will do very well.
I'd prefer a solo, because I'm going to play alone without other instruments or percussions, but something flamenco-ish could be good too because where I'm going to play nobody knows a single thing about flamenco guitar, so I believe they won't see the difference. For the technical level I don't know how to describe me but I can say that I easily play punta y tacon - Sabicas and Aires Choqueros - Paco de Lucia. I need something even more impressive than these two songs, if possible...
Jeronimo Maya does some ridiculous fast stuff

write your own, maybe?