I have my eye on a Jay Turser JT-50, but wondering if they are any good? Are any Jay Turser's good? General thoughts on them?
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Idk i have been wondering that too beacause i have been looking to buy one of the les paul copies (jt200 i think) as a backup guitar for my tele for heavier songs.
i dont own one personally but iv heard theyre good guitars. go to harmony-central.net > click "guitar" and on the right go to reviews and look at them. they have reviews for every friggn guitar out there. so yeah. good luck also try rondomusic.net. iv got their sg copy and it kicks the crap out of my friends sg sandard. at least in quality.
I've played one of their strat copies. One of the ones they advertise as using "Light weight" wood. It's kinda crappy. Like a bunch of the wood is chipping off and there a loads of dents in the thing. I dunno if it was just the model he got or what, but if it's not durrable and it doesn't sound good (the one i played didn't) I wouldn't get one. Try before you buy i suppose
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They are surprisingly good guitars for what you pay for. They are also some decent project guitars too.
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Absolutely amazing guitar for a beginner. It wastes a squier anyday. I have had my Jay Turser for 5 years now, and its been through so much, and its still like a rock. Built to last. I would definitely recommend this to a beginner, or beginner/intermediate.
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They are very good for beginners, nothing more.
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ive heard good stuff. this one kid that is dating my ex-girlfriend owns like four of them or something so i guess they have to be ok.
eh i played around with a LP copy, and it just didnt feel like a guitar, kind of crappy, like a toy.
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One of the stores where I live only sells Jay Turser guitars, so I've had a lot of experience messing around with them.

If you play it first, you can get a decent one. They don't sound particularly good, though.

Most of them play pretty poorly.
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get one for christmas and put emgs in it and put hockey tape over the logo

thats wat i did
Great guitar, especially the semi-hollow body style, u get a nice blues sounf out of it!