Just watched the movie and I have a question: Why is it that in the movie, Odysseus's men are killed by Carybdus(the whirlpool thing) but in the book they are killed by Helios?
Because they didn't feel like doing the whole deal with the one month storm and the mooing corpses most likely...
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They were killed by the whirlpool in the book as well. Helios' island came before the whirlpool....the men who stole cattle were killed...the rest sailed on until all but Odysseus perished in the whirlpool.
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thiers a movie of it? what year was it made in?
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there are many incontinuities between different books and films of the oddyssey. this is just one of them
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It's because Hermes was wearing a diaper and Odysseus fucked Circe.
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