about a year.


and yes i know im tuned down a half step before someone comments on that
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Pretty bad, the rhythm part is okay, but your tone is horrible... and you have good gear. Lose the death metal pedal for sure if you are using it, i have the VOX and a worst guitar than you and it get's way better tones that what you've got.
For the lead work on your vibrato and sustaining each note longer.
i notice that on a lot of your recordings it would be better with less distortion.
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It'ss hard to tell what's going on with all that distortion. Though I can tell on the chorus part you should try adding in bends and vibrato so it doesn't sound so robotic, and I'd work more on the solo. What's up with the ending thing?

Try rerecording it without the distortion, it might sound better.
Hmm comenting as i go.... less of the slides at the beginning they sound silly, and like everyone has said you have really bad guitar tone, less harsh and less distortion, the leads are ok, but not vey expressive, you can't really copy hendrix just like that without all the vibrato and things.

Dunno what that tremelo picking thing at the end is about

Your playing is tight but work on better expression and get better tone (EDIT: especially with the amount of gear I just noticed you. I fear you are using that Digitech nedrix pedal....)
ok let me answer now lol.
i didnt use my digitech pedals at all
i used the tones on the vox amp. it was on the UK modern setting. to record i attached my headphones to the amp and put it on high volume and put the mic in between the headphones to record.. i did this because when i put my mic by the amp without the headphones, it makes a scratchy sound on the recording.

if anyone has this amp that i have and gets a good hendrix tone, plz give me the settings. thx

and btw sam i am, i just felt like doing that at the end. lol

ill just record it again with a lot less distortion
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I don't know much about vox amps, but do they have an output you could plug straight into your soundcards line in? it might be worth a try
Hey man!

I've got a Vox ad50vt, and I used to have serious problems with recording quality. I use a M-audio fast-track external soundcard (pretty cheap shite really) , but I have managed to get a good sound

Basically, I use a guitar cable from my headphone socket (which happens to be a line out too by the way, on ad50vt, ad30vt and ad15vt models) straight into the soundcard (use the line setting, not guitar one)

But I have managed to get a good sound with the following tips:

1. Keep the gain low. For Iron Maiden, Painkiller-era Judas Priest, I use UK 80s with gain around 5 or 6, or UK Modern with gain around 4, and I get a pretty sweet tone

2. For leads, put the gain up, and lower the treble (alot usually), put the mids up slightly

3. Generally keep treble low with the UK Modern setting. high treble tend to produce a nasty hiss type distortion. You can still get a very sweet one for scorching leads with trebble around 2 or 3.

BTW, I use an Ibanex rg350, and no distortion pedal, even tho iv tried a few. The reason for this is distortion enhances a sound, not destroys it. Besides I play all sorts of metal, and I've never need more distortion than my amp can provide.

hope this helped. ask if u wanna know about it
thats ok man

perhaps you could give me a crit on my 'Iron Maiden - Futureal (cover version) thread'

much appreciated
sure man ill crit it

ok i just re recorded wit amp directly to sound card. i can hear scratches still. but a lot less distortion than the first one.
crit please

just check my dmusic at the bottom sig .. its called purple haze (newer)
Just checked it out, as everyone's allready said, the distortion is very harsh. Work on the solo, the intro is ok, and the rhythm is allright. Just work on it more and work on your tone!

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The distorted version seems to be played better than the clean version.

And about the cracking on the clean version, thats because your input signal is peaking, you must have some volume or level control on your software that you are using, try turning that down, until it stops crackling, if not, turn the volume down on your guitar you will some tone, but it will be alot nicer to listen too.