I can't believe there isn't already a thread. Very good melodic hardcore. I have disconnecting, and I haven't gone more that 4 days without listening to it, I like it that much. Haven't heard much else though, any recommendations?

Hadn't heard about this band until about 10 minutes ago.
Then I read an interview with the bassist from Love is Red, and he mentions them.

I love them. Ghost Story and Shadows are my favorite songs.
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our rythym guitarist made up the best rap ever. makes fun of the "milkshake song"

my breakdowns bring all the crews to the pit
and theyre like, "lets dance to this ****!"
damn right, we dance to this ****
I 2 step, windmill and spinkick.
The Next Time I Go
1:19 to end

One of my favorite parts of a hardcore song ever!
Gives me the chills!
I have cancer, fight me.
Definitely one of the most kickass bands around.
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MX4Life you fucking godhaha
does anyone have the new ep "ten"? as far as i know its only out as a 7"
Method of Groove

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Punk isn't a genre of music, it’s a thought process."
Sinking Ships are probably one of the best bands I've heard in years. Meridian is definitely their prime release to date. Everything I could ever ask for in an album is there. Tight song writing, great lyrics, and a well-mixed and engineered album.

I picked up Ten recently, but still haven't put it on, since my turntable gave up the ghost.