My friend wants to learn guitar, she has never touched a guitar what so ever. What kind of things should I give her?

She is a musician, her dad plays sax in a band and stuff, and she plays sax too.

I don't want to discourage her playing by giving her things that are out of her level.

show her tabs and explain them to her. then teach her smoke on the water or twinkle twinkle or something cause those songs are crazy easy and to a beginner are encourging to know.
start with some chords, move onto some simple songs. then harder. challenge her, dont make it all easy.
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I'd introduce her to tab before chords if I were you. Mainly because chords is prolly a new concept to a sax player (or maybe its not, I don't play sax.) But yeah like that one guy said before me, show her some tabs and explain them, then she'll know how to learn the songs she likes, which is a big deal to developing guitarists.
Well, unless she has a guitar she can regularly practice with...learning chords and scales may not be the best place to start. Since she is a musician, she probably already knows the music theory but won't have enough quality time with a guitar to develop the muscle memory from scratch (playing guitar and sax feels completely different, to me at least).

Instead, I'd go with the previous suggestions of explaining tabs while inserting a bit of guitar related music theory here and there. Afterwards, I'd probably teach her Smoke on the Water while explaining the basics of chords - or power chords in this case. Once she's got the hang of that, I think it would then be a good time to get into some open chords and barre chords. Once she becomes familiar with the chords, I'd focus on strumming patterns and rhythm while introducing some 12 Bar Blues Chord Progressions to help her practice switching between chords. From there, it is time to move on to scales, fret hand finger exercises, picking exercises, etc.

I'd also stress:

1. Playing unanchored
2. Using the pinky