Hey all. I'm really hoping to go to England for a week or so next Easter(2008) to visit some good friends and for (hopefully) a nice learning experience too, but I have a couple of questions too(yes I know im asking this FAR in advance).

1) How much would a round trip to London from Halifax cost by plane on average?
2) Is it possible for a 16 year old(thats how old ill be at the time) to go there and book a hotel and everything without being accompanied by an adult? Or would I have to have someone with me?

Any answers and maybe some advice or information about there would be very much appreciated, thanks everyone
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i kno that ive gone places and i was 15, so 16 shouldnt be a prob. But youl probaly need a credit card. shit is exspensive
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Well, in England, 16 is the age you leave school and are thus considered an adult. So, yes, you will be able to check into a hotel, you just won't be able to have alcoholic beverages (Not until you're 18, anyway).

As for the flight, I have no idea. Use Google.
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1/. If you wanna go to Halifax go by train.....

2/. Yes here your an adult at 16 ( for some stuff anyway) but the hotel booking thing will depend on their policy. So ring beforehand and check.
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