Is it possible to take any normal chord (like an Amin for example) and convert it into a power chord? If so how do you go about doing this? Thanks.
yeah, man... for your example of the A Minor chord.. just play the top three notes (x022xx) and there's your power chord.

I dunno how much theory you know but I can try to explain it like this.. Chords like minor and major have three different notes in them. A minor has the A, E and C. The A is called the root, the E is called the fifth and the C is called the minor 3rd. A power chord is just the root and fifth.. and thats true for any chord. Any chord that is a major or minor is ALREADY a powerchord but with a minor 3rd or major 3rd added.
theres a power chord finger position you can look it up on google. It's basically the same notes tho...
play 5 on the low e and 7 on the a and theres an a power chord.

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