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2 18%
9 82%
Voters: 11.
It shouldn't really matter. Learning on an acoustic first may help him be a more accurate player.
electric ftw
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with electric you have to get an amp which can be an added cost... but either way make sure he gets a decent guitar. I'd say acoustic.
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i started on acoustic and still have only that, and i think it was probably the best decision. its a good way to develop finger strength/placement, IMO, and whenever i pick up an electric i feel like its a lot easier to play.
i started on acoustic and im personally glad i did. it built up my finger strength so now i can do alot of stuff on electric...
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i'd say acoustic, it will build up his finger strenght so playing electric will be easier once he decides to make the switch
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It really doesn't matter, but acoustic will help your finger strength more since it will be harder to push the strings down.

They say it's good to make songs on acoustic, then put them to electric...so I'd get one of each! lol

BTW: I used acoustic first.
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I started with a jr accoustic, my teacher said I couldn't get a electric one. Since I was young I got bored witht he accoustic, especially since it was so hard to play, but nowadays its no problem for me. Having a accoustic will most likely make you focus on the actual playing over sound.(I got to the 4th string with my accoustic when my teacher started to give me modified versions of the same song for a month and started to bore me, so I quit and picked up my guitar again in january.) After playing a month and getting to where I was, I bought my 50's stratocaster and now am getting lessons again from another teacher. Currently hes testing me on what ive learn to see if I need to go back and re learn anything.

Anyways, if your friend does get a electric guitar, tell him to get a cheap one like a squire. I love my strat but after playing it quite a bit I realised I couldn't get much soundwise and my parents wont let me add a humbucker in it because its expensive and they dont want me to kill my guitar. If I didnt get my fender, I would have been stuck with a crappy squire where the neck bent, etc. However, If I would have known I still would have bought it. Starting cheap is great because after they get experience with their guitar they can try to modify it and not worry, or if they decide the want a guitar with humbuckers or something else their guitar didnt have then they can. Basically, peoples first guitars mostly are cheap or one that they got to expirement with or a expensive one(Like me) in hopes of getting it right the first time, but id still say buy cheap, then upgrade when you know what to look for when buying another guitar.
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i'd start electric simply because the strings are lighter and its easier to play
but after like half a year i'd go over and play acoustic too
to get more strength in the fingers


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I started on electric, then kind of practice acoustic whenever. It really doesn't make that big a difference.
In the long run it's probably better to start on acoustic.
But it doesn't make a big difference at the end of the day it's just practice and natural ability.
id say start on acoustic and then move to electric. i started on electric and dont have alot of finger strength, i can do tapping and hammer ons and stuff but i think i should have started on acoustic. but if he starts on electric get a behringer v-tone II package, thats what i did and then i sold that except for the amp and bought an epiphone les paul special II.
Acoustic Pros: Lets you develop finger strength, get a good "natural" feel for the sound of the guitar, and forces you to me a little bit more precise in your playing because it's not like you can just throw and some distortion and wail, and it will sound good. Also, it's cheaper to start out on.

Electric Pros: It's a little easier, you can do things earlier on an electric that would take you much longer on an acoustic. Completely different sound. You can mess around with distortion and such.

Personally, I started on electric, but I played clean pretty much all the time when I started out. This forces you to be somewhat more precise then just flipping on the distortion and going nuts, but not quite to the degree of the acoustic. However, I think it depends on your own outlook on guitar. If you tend to need to be forced to work on technique and such in general, perhaps an acoustic is better, as you simply have no choice but to learn for it to sound good. If you have a lot of personal determination, an electric can be fine too, as if you apply yourself correctly, and you can still build the same skills. I used to play nothing but an electric most of the time, but now I can play an acoustic just as well, and can get great sounds out of it.
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Which does your friend want to play more? Which music does your friend want? If it's predominantly electric, definitely get the electric. If it's predominantly acoustic, get the acoustic.

Make sure your friend knows which one they want to play; after all, if you don't like the instrument, why would you play it? Sure, there are pros and cons for developing technique and such, but the important thing for starting out is making sure you'll like it and keep at it, not technique.

That being said, I started off on electric; a cheap guitar and amp combo for $200AU, and no easier than an acoustic, I can assure you.
Acoustic, i still haven't moved to an electric, but I've played one, electric feels alot easier to play, so get an acoustic.
I started on an accustic, but I say an electric would be better for a noobie
becuase the strings are lighter. Depending on what type of accutic.
an electric has a thinner neck.

Plus he can make simple power chords with the distrotion
which might keep him interested in playing the damn thing.

You can always turn the destrotion off and go clean and you can PMI
and what not

Plus it'll drive his family crazy , so this way he'll have to move with you.
This way you can teach him night and day.
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he says he rather start on electric and i don't really think the finger strength thing is that important since most of waht i learned was on my electric
im helping him pick a used electric out at the store this weekend
something like an ephiphone or a cheaper ibanez
horrible aucostic playing is worse IMO then elcetric for one reason HEADPHONES =]
thanks for all your help i'l tell him the finger strenght thing