I have 2 guitar. An Acoustic & Electric. Both with soft case only. Now my problem is that im travelling next week and I don't know if they will allow to me to bring both on the plane. Dont want to left it in the baggage cause im afraid it will be destroyed especially the acoustic. I want to carry it both with me.. Does anyone have an advice on how to do this? Is it possible? If you have an experience can you please guide me? Thanks!!!!
lol please some one comment cause i want to take my electric to florida in 3 weeks and im having the same problem.
my first suggestion for you, is this, Flight Case. and then with your electric maybe try and find a keyboard case to put the guitar (inside the case) in. ive only tried to bring a guitar on a plane with me twice. once with a music man knockoff that was small enough to fit in a overhead dealio *but that was pre 911* and the second time with my schecter blackjack, i got stopped at security and all kinds of crap because they thought i had a bomb and i ended up havin to check into baggage. let me tell you, those flight cases will be one of the best purchases you make if you travel with your gear alot.

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i don't think they let u bring guitars on as carry on anymore. I'm not sure but i think it would be a problem of it being considered a weapon. My advice is to check them, but get a good hardshellcase preferably with one of those airport locks
Carry on luggage is restricted to whatever you can fit inside a backpack sized bag. So, assuming your guitar is bigger than, say... a Mandolin that is completely out of the question. As for leaving your softcases to the baggage handlers, youre better off just taking a hammer to your guitar to get it over with. If you really want to take them with you, buy a hardcase.
dont put it on a plane, ship it there with fedex and have them pack it for you at a fedex store, dont use UPS. theyve destroyed a few of my guitars
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If possible just bring one guitar , too. I also agree with the shipping by fedex comment.
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ok thanks! Any idea how much does it cost me through FedEx? I planned to send my acoustic & carry my electric with me.....
I inquire in FedEx and wow the cost for shipping is more expensive than my acoustic guitar! hehehe! 1 kilo cost $250. does not make sense. I'm leaving the country permanently and i don't want to leave my acoustic. As for the Flight Case its very expensive and I cant afford it for now. Any inexpensive solution? I think i have to leave the acoustic or better sell it. Anyone has a good advice? Froma musician to musician im asking for your help. I love my guitar so much hope you understand how it feels......
I travelled with mine last year. Just pick one dude. Show up early and get on as soon as you can and they'll let you put it in the overhead compartment. That's what I did on the way there. The way back they put it in a closet for me.
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ive done it before, to Ontario and back, mind u i had a hard case but i bought a large section of bubble wrap, u'll need larger for 2 guitars i guess. anyway, wrap the h3ll out of them, 2 passes on the body, and seperate pieces for the top and bottom. tape it down with duct tape and place the axe in two big orange garbage bags, one over the top and one on from the bottom, tape them to be tight against the body of the guitar so it doesn't catch on anything and tare, write FRAGILE all over it and ur good to go, good luck, follow these and the the worst ur guitar should see is loss of tuning...
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