I'm trying to get rid of some of my old gear. All of this equipment is in excellent condition (with the exception of the Schecter, which was damaged at the factory). I baby all of my gear and I really enjoyed these items. The tonelab is brand new, owned for a month (comes with awesome instruction manual and power supply)... The double neck's photo speaks for itself - amazing and beautiful guitar. The crate is loud as **** and crunchy. I think there is a review of it on UG too. The Schecter plays like a dream (one of my favorite necks ever...) but i figured I could get rid of it cheap to someone who really wants a nicer guitar with minor cosmetic flaws.

I'd be willing to trade any of this gear for pedals/effects of similar values (i'll even take a loss on some items...) any trade/offer is considered. I also like CASH.

I've included reviews and retail prices of each... click on the links.

Vox Valvetronix Tonelab -

Schecter c-1 e/a -

Crate GT212 -

Double Neck Ovation -

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I'm curious about the double neck. How is the fret access, and how neck/s heavy is it?
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the hell happened to your schecter hollow body?
Schecter C-1+
Fender FM212R
Boss MD-2
A shitload of other pedals I never use.

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would you take an rp50 and a tube screamer 7 for the tone lab or amp if so which one?
as in which one would you take the 2 for? the tone lab or amp?
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tone lab $175 amp $250 obo on both

be polite gosh, if you had read down all posts like i did he said it was $250
dude, i dont have a set price. i'm trying to be nice and let people offer me a price. i'm willing to negotiate on prices. anything you can think of trading. mostly i need a boss pedal tuner, and reverb pedals. shecter is negotiable and gt212 is negotiable.
well.... i have a METAL ZONE that i no longer really want- as well as a ts5 tubescreamer, a good pedal- but nto one of the expensive ones.

also have a fender telecoustic id be willin to trade- or some emg pickups
hey shizzy i am broke as crap and i have a tubescreamer from ibanez its a ts7 and i have a digitech rp 50 that has reverb on it. can i trade these for the tonelab?
gorre, i've gotten better offers. but if they fall through I will take you up on that. i'll get back to you in a few days.

here are some better pics of the damaged schecter.

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i hope i do get the tonelab because i have no money at all and im looking to get something like it or it.
i got an old DOD Metal Maniac for 15, and a GT212 is 200 on that site you posted.
hey shizzy get back to me on the tone lab if you sell it of if the offers fall through -crosses fingers-
Sorry. I've actually traded all of the gear except for the double neck. I'm still willing to trade it for any good pedals! hell, buy a EH pedal just for the trade - you're still coming out ahead by a few hundred bucks!