First of, thanks for the crits man. i really truly appreciate it...

i see you created a band and you have a big fan right now.. Seriously.. very Black Dahlia Murder and Necrophagist esque riffage.. The songs were awesome.. I like your guitar playing, I'm trying to get into tech death myself.. (If we compete together in the metal Ug'er duels I'll compose smth similar to yours.).

AND, to answer your question, I never opened any books, and I havent read any theories about none of the instruments I play.. I just play and then I get possessed or smth and compose some cool shit.

Thanks insideac.
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Well no problem Necrolust, I think you sold your soul to satan or suttin :P. Thanks for the crit too! Glad you liked it..Yeah I get alot of that black dahlia murder and necrophagist type comment, Im taking it as a compliment, cuz for my first few songs written to come out like my influences is a good thing indeed. I just have to wait a little longer for it to mature into my own little signature thing, but thanks!
Quote by insideac
Im taking it as a compliment

You should.. BDM and Necrophagist owns my freaking soul every day every hour and I wish there was another band similar to them.. I find thea great similarity and awesomeness in your songs mate.

Irrelevant PS: I baught a Necrophagist T-shirt that looks just like yours in one of your videos (kind of actually, the logo is red in mine)..
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
This is really good. The intro is really cool with the clean guitar and strings. In overall the playing is good, but the mixing is simply horrifying. The vocals are too loud, the guitars and everything too much in the background. Besides, don't mix so that the drums are completely other side than the guitar. Now, I can only hear them in the seperate speakers. If you pan them left and right then don't do it so dramatically.

Anyway, it's a good effort, but you need to mix that again.

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Hah, its because when we record, we can only record mono tracks (I dont know how to record stereo), and so we recorded the drums and the guitars on the left side, but it came out worse, so we decided to record each one on different sides. Thanks though, we are rerecording YET AGAIN, in about a week, this time we HOPE to finish 4 songs with good quality.
Sorry to double post, really, but I need your help.

What version of Fire in Carpathia do you guys think I should keep?
I just made one with black metal vocals, which can be found here

Do you guys think I should keep that one, or the one found here, with almost no vocals?