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|Em  |D Em|Em  |
A shadow lays across my soul,
D                   Em
Through it i cannot see,
Confusion within my head,
D                     Em
A darkness lives with me,
D                          Em
Ghosts from the past still haunting,
D                          Em
Voices from the past still taunting,
A                G            D
A sadness in my heart still wanting,
                   Eb     D
                To break free.......

A paranoia creeps within,
Can i trust my friends,
Are they really laughing at me,
When i want so much to cry,
Delusions stealing my emotions,
Imagined friends to turn against you,
Voices talking in my head,
                Telling me lies.....

            Em     Bm
The drugs i use to hide behind,
Are eating at my soul,
D                             Em              
How can i live my life in this euphric hell,
I`m a stranger to myself,
Don`t give a damn about my health,
Another hit is all i need,  1st Time             2nd Time & 3rd Time         
                            [Em(6/8)|D |Em  |G ]|[|Em   |Em  D|Em  |]
               Is this really me....

G                 A
All this hate and bitterness,
G                     A        
            I need to escape,
G                 A
All this hate and bitterness,
G                         D(4/4)              
             It`s killing me..........

|Em    |D Em|

My life`s a living lie,
  D                 Em
A facade is all you see,
Now i must face the truth,
    D               Em
And find a light to lead,
D                     Em
When i wake up in the morning,
D                        Em
With a smile i`ll suffer torment,
A                G
With a lie i`ll say i`m alright,
D            Eb   D                         
Wish i could fly away.

It`s not the destination, it`s the road your on that make it all worthwhile.
I suppose its well written and smoothly constructed and all, but so are text books. Sorry for your troubles, mate, but the age of simply talking about your problems and having that be breakthrough material is over. Now you actually have to be creative about it, so stuff like this is just a drop in the ocean and nothing special at all.

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