Ok, there's something that ive been interesting in trying for a while and I figure i might aswell ask if it's even possible or practical.

Ok so what ive been wondering is if there would be any problems with building a guitar cabinet in some for other than a box, like a cylinder/circle for instance, or forming letters etc..., I'm guessing it should be possible if you built each speaker into it's own little cabinet, since it would be like using 4 seperate single speakers and then building a larger shell on the sides to form the shape you want, but that is slightly impractical. So I want to know if there would be any tonal problems with say 4 12" speakers in a cabinet shaped like an O for instance(inside cut-out like block letters with speakers placed in 4 extremes, N S E W for instance.)
I've never built speaker cabinets, but from what i've read, i'm pretty sure you could do them in a funky shape without messing up the tone too much. but what do i know? ha ha

still, that would be super cool!
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Ok, Well I guess it's best to post as much information as possible so here is a rough drawing of the design, preliminary dimensions and stuff included:
heh, that would be cool. Im not sure, but from what ive read in the cabnet making tutorial, enclosure size/shape doesnt really matter unless you are making a bass cab.