Ok here is my problem i need some help figuring out what to do. Ok so in my band it is me on guitar and two other people on bass and drums so yeah we need a singer pretty badly. we are planning to have a show in the next 4 months some time, we cant find anyone to be our singer ad we've been looking a lot. So i don't know if i should try singing because I'm not very good, so what do you guys think, would it be better to play the show with some bad singing or to just not play the show untill we actually found a singer
Everyone in the band try singing and see who is the best while you still look?
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Everyone in the band try singing and see who is the best while you still look?

also dont play a show until you've got a good singer
yeah we tried that i am the best out of us three well my drummer claims he is better he but he wont even sing in front of me so i doubt he is
ok well we played two shows so far. i've sang at both some people say im good and some think i'm bad and from recordings of myself i dont like my voice at all.
If you don't feel like you're a good singer you'll probably get nervous when it's time for the show. Keep practicing and see if you start feeling more confident with your voice, and in the meantime look for a singer for upcoming shows.
Seriously, as much as I love guitar, the singer makes the band. If you have a crap singer, you suck. That's it.

If you end up w/o a real singer for your show, play an instrumental. Seriously, it's better than blowing everyone's ears with crap singing and making everyone remember you as "that shitty band."
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