I have an EMG81 and I cut the silver cord that comes out of the pickup(don't ask) but yeah, its very hard to get a connection when i hold the two halves together and I can't get them to stay with electric tape, should soldering them together make them work?

Other question, I am going to put a Dimarzio Air Norton in the Neck position (which currently has no pickup but does have a pickup spot because I took the old one out) and I wanted to know how hard it is to wire a pickup to a pickup connector switch and all that good stuff or is it just a lot easier to go pay someone to do it.
Well, what controls does the guitar have currently? If it has two volumes and a tone, or one volume and a tone, you can work it so there's one volume for the passive pickup, and one volume for the active.

As for the broken connection, you'll need to solder two halfs of the wire together.
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