... i was at taco bell in a rather short, yet time-consuming line (as opposed to the usual long, time-consuming line) and was listening to my live reel big fish CD. the last track is a song called "SR" (suburban rhythm) exceptlive they have a schtick where they pget bored and play it as every different style they can muster. it's funny and really good so i thought i'd share.


the lady at the window was looking at me weird becaue she was black and as soon as i came up he was like "let's do a rap version" and i started ruffling quietly. now she thinks i hate black people.
yay!! i heard someone shout "i'm gonna put my penis in your ear" followed by lots of giggling at taco bell while the drive though lady was taking my order. it made my pants feel funny.
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When I was younger, probably like 7-8 I was at the window to pay with my mom and they had the loud intercoms for the orders coming in. I remember these exact words
"Ey, uhhh...can I get a cheeseburger without the cheese?" No joke. He was dead serious
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Nah here's what you do. Go to a McDonalds, and when you drive off with your food, say "McThank you!"

No, what you do is go to the McDonald's drive-thru 5 minutes before they close. Then ask for 15 double cheeseburgers and pay for them with 1's and change.
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That would be really funny, if I wasn't broke.

Ha, some friends and I did it and the dude at the drive-thru window just said, "You guys are real assholes. You know that?" We just looked at him, smiled, and drove off into the night. Surprisingly enough only one of the burgers had spit on it. We just gave it to the moocher in the back seat who didn't pay...
"Would you like some davey sucks **** with that?"
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I went to the mcdonalds drive thru once because my friend was hungry and wanted a cheeseburger. So I'm driving and I go up to the speaker thing. I wait there for a good while waiting for them to take my order. Then I hear a guy say "drive to the window please." Then I said, "but I didn't even order yet". He responds by saying, "just drive to the window". Ok, so I drive to the window and the guy that is there is a huge wigger and he comes out and says " Listen here you little punk, don't you ever get fresh with me like that because I will hop out of here and beat your fucking ass. I'm not going to lose my job because of some shithead like you." At this point I'm thinking, what the hell is going on I never said anything to this guy. I decide not to waste my time and just order the food. My friend ordered a cheeseburger and when we got to the 2nd window we got a bag full of 5 cheeseburgers a couple orders of fries and a bunch of drinks. AND we got all of it for the price of one cheeseburger. Apparently there had been some huge mess-up. It was funny how much of an ass that guy was though.
Hungry Jacks here is 24 hour drive thru, on the way back from a party we decided to stop by. As we were talking in the line one of my friends said "You know what would be hilarious, if we went through the drive thru naked." He then proceeded to get naked.

The girl who brang the food to the window gave the first bag without seeing him (he was in the back) next bag she brang out she passed through looked at the back seat and uncontrollably laughed at the site of my friend sitting there with a medium chips covering his jiblets.

Was quite funny.
I pulled up to my local Burger King (Bleh!) drive through the other day, and was greeted by, "Just give me your fucking order." I calmly said, "I'll have a number five, with no lettuce or mayo." I barely got done speaking and he said, "Well I don't fucking care! I'm sick of this job!" There was a long pause, so I sighed and said, "Fuck it." I drove off and ate at a sit-in restaurant.
Well, I only have one funny story for the good ole drive thru. Me and my friends had been drinking and we live only one block from McD's so I was by far the most sober and drove over there to get some stuff. I asked for like 3 fries, 1 coke, and two cheeseburgers. I get up there and they took a while with the car in front of me. Well, I get my food and it's 3 wrap thingy's and I always check when I drive up. So I drive all the way around and park my truck right next to the car at the drive thru and wait for them. I got out and just went up to the window as soon as they drive up and try to figure out my problem.

I hand them the receipt with my order and the bag and they say they'll get it fixed. Then the car that was in front of me earlier pulls up and they get out complaining too cuz they gave them half my order. So by this point the person next in line just gets out of his car and decide they'll just order too. Now we have like 4-5 people standing at the drive thru and it was pretty chaotic. I got my meal for free, so I was pretty happy. Just as I left another car pulled up and they got out to complain about their order.
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No, what you do is go to the McDonald's drive-thru 5 minutes before they close. Then ask for 15 double cheeseburgers and pay for them with 1's and change.

Why 1's? Your trying to make in inconvienient. You pay with all change, preferably in a sock...dirty of course.
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Nah here's what you do. Go to a McDonalds, and when you drive off with your food, say "McThank you!"

Shutup mcfag
i paid 15 dollars at wendy's one time in quarters and nickels. you should have seen the look on that guy's face...
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I've never went to a fast food place with just change, but just the other day I was at the gas station and I overheard them say they were out of pennies. So I casually ask them if they need some and they said that'd be great, but I probably wouldn't have enough. So I leave and come back with my jar of nothing but pennies. The guy looks at me as I walk through the door and his eyes bulge. Then he laughed hysterically. We counted it out and I had $13 in just pennies and they took them all. I was so happy to be rid of them.
Rofl @ the Death Metal SR.
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Rofl @ the Death Metal SR.

wow, someone read my post!

isn't that awesome?

also, the real funniest thing at a drive thru was last night we were drunk at mcdonalds, driving with the doors open and the girl ask what i wanted to drink with my meal and the guy next to me goes "TWAT JUICE!"

and once at mcdonalds my friend said in this really snotty posh WASP voice "yes, i'll have two fucking mcchickens."
the coolest thing ive ever seen was an ambulance driving thru. i feel bad for the guy having a heart attack in back having to watch those guys eat some burgers while they are trying to save his life.
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I was at Taco Bell once and I was going to order something with hamburger meat and they politely stated "I'm sorry our meat hose is down could you possible order something with chicken, steak, or no meat at all. We appologize for the inconvience" Atleast I think they said meat hose. Tis a running joke with me and my friends now though. Quite a thing to hear at 11pm when you're hungry for some tacos.
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whenever i go trought drivr-trus i ask "can i get this to go please?" and the always think im retarded
We stuck my friend in the boot, pulled up to the drivethru, he opened the boot, got out, grabbed the order, then hopped back in and we drove off like nothing happened
listen to the tenacious d drive thru song. its funny. me and my buddies like to go through the drive thru and order like 5 full meals, we'll do chicken sandwiches without the chicken and dumb stuff like that. then when its our turn in line we just drive through and leave so they have to make the food but we aren't there.

One time we were playing with a giant cardboard box and we drew a head and a tie and put wings on it and then went into a bunch of stores. I put it on and went through the Mcdonald's drive thru and they locked down the store, called the cops, and sent 6 employees out to catch me but i outran them across a neighboring store's parking lot and jumped into my buddy's minivan. My other friend who was working there while we did it thought it was really funny.