just go for standard...
then hot rod it.
but when getting a telecaster, playing for a while would be a pain in the ass for ur picking forearm.
its a little edgy compared to my strat.
i guess u get used to it.
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well it depends on your price range, but telecasters are cosmetically all quite similar, so in the end sound and general quality will decide what to get.

i personally have a squier (i know, laugh it out), and after a few alterations it's actually turning into a great guitar (all i need now is some new pickups and i'm done).

so just go to a guitar store, try out a range of them, like squiers, fender mexican, fender american, so forth.

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What is your price range?

I would most likely recommend either getting a G&L or an Agile Tele, depending on how much you want to spend.
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