I was feeling kind of down tonight. So I figured, lets transform that feeling into a short instrumental. So I picked my guitar, hit the record button and thats basically it, everything is improvized from start to finish.

crit for crit.



if consequences dictate my course of action

i should play god and shoot you myself
I love sitting and improvising, do it loads and have gotten quite good at it. Clearly you have too. I'm not often in the mood to come out with something like that in one go, but thats amazing. Beautiful stuff. You haven't overdone it either. It works really well as a short piece and doesn't get boring.

Nice one.
very nice, thats a really pretty piece. i really like that you didnt have to force anything there, trying to think what might sound good, you just played what was in you. haha once i had a song online called desolation and i thought for a split second that you mightve stolen it.. im an idiot. awesome work, mind critting mine?