I know what you’ve been thinking
That’s how I see you
I know you been distant
I hope to see your smile.

Since last night
Underneath the stars
I never thought I’d say yes
Never thought you'd be her

But You Seem So Melancholy,
You’ve Been Thinking Awhile.
You’ve Been So Melancholy,
I never Thought You Could Be So Silent.
But I Told You I’d Wait,
I’d Be Here Just to See you Smile.

So sad
Thought you’d know that
I'd be here for anything
Thought thats all you want

And I still think of last night,
Just underneath the stars.
I’d never think you’d say yes,
Please bring back my life.


I know my angel is lying on my shoulder,
And I can’t believe it takes forever,
To walk this way.
knew that I'll still wait here,
Be waiting on love.

Just to see you smile,
Lay in my bed awhile
I’d never sleep,
Just till I feel your lips.

Sorry, but I don't have anything to say about this. I'm terrible at song critiques. It doesn't seem too bad, but I'm sure someone could find something to improve upon, that someone just isn't me. Really I'm sorry.
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Alk hit the nail on the head there.