is there any specific name for complete insanity when you dance?

cus there's like hardcore, like with the two step and the windmill and the crouch and karate kicks all that crap.. thats so weak haha (dont get me wrong love the music but not the dancing)

and then there's the tried and true moshing..

but i'm not very well informed to all the types of metal dancing, like for instance when i'm moshing with my friends to Raining Blood for shits and giggles, they mosh or whatever.. but i just.. i dont know...

i pretty much lose my conscious awareness, and absolutely SPAZZ out, it's psycho... and i beat the shit outta everyone and pretty much freak out so much that i look like i'm having an extremely violent seizure. After the song is over i kind of come back to reality and i honestly don't remember how i got to where i ended up. One time i started standing in a kid's bedroom and "woke up" after the song wedged between his bed and a dresser and all my friends were like holy shit!!!

I'm working to become a frontman in a Dillinger Escape Plan type band and from what i've seen of their live footage, the extreme spazzing i do seems to fit perfectly.

So now i'm looking on youtube and other video places to try and find other people doing this and see other interpretations of it, but i dont know what term to use.. searching for hardcore dancing only gets me people 2-stepping and moshing.

So does anyone know what this kind of dancing is called and/or what phrase i should search for to find people doing similair or the same thing?

thanks for your time
Just call it "Freeform"
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